Lost Farm

Course Tour

Head architect Bill Coore created Lost Farm to complement the canvas provided by nature. Coore’s reputation for minimalistic course design is paired with his philosophy that traditional, strategic golf is the most rewarding.

Lost Farm’s 20 holes are all playable during any given round. Boasting spectacular holes that wind along the coast, adjacent to the Forester River and inland towards the Tasmanian hinterland, Barnbougle Lost Farm is a breathtaking golf course, dramatically different yet complementary to both the surrounding landscape and the Barnbougle Dunes.

Course Videos

Lost Farm - 1st Hole: 467m Par 5

Lost Farm - 2nd Hole: 309m Par 4

Lost Farm - 3rd Hole: 253m Par 4

Lost Farm - 4th Hole: 124m Par 3

Lost Farm - 5th Hole: 433m Par 4

Lost Farm - 6th Hole: 155m Par 3

Lost Farm - 7th Hole: 396m Par 4

Lost Farm - 8th Hole: 554m Par 5

Lost Farm - 9th Hole: 306m Par 4

Lost Farm - 10th Hole: 543m Par 5

Lost Farm - 11th Hole: 405m Par 4

Lost Farm - 12th Hole: 516m Par 5

Lost Farm - 13th Hole: 382m Par 4

Lost Farm - 13th Hole (a): 121m Par 3

Lost Farm - 14th Hole: 263m Par 4

Lost Farm - 15th Hole: 178m Par 3

Lost Farm - 16th Hole: 382m Par 4

Lost Farm - 17th Hole: 167m Par 3

Lost Farm - 18th Hole: 420m Par 4

Lost Farm - 18th Hole (a): 119m Par 3