The Dunes

Course Tour

The outward nine at Barnbougle Dunes plays through a series of saddles that both shelter and direct play lines. The back nine is more open but arguably more striking, with multiple panoramas of the course, adjoining the bay and nearby Bridport.

The fairways are wider than those of more traditional courses. The true lines to the flags are from the corners of the fairways and the perfect position alters depending on the direction and strength of the wind, the position of the pin and your standard as a player.

Some of the shortest holes are the most interesting, with both the 4th and 12th holes less than 275 metres from the back tee. Complementing these holes are the par four 8th and the two par fives in the back nine which reward powerful strokes combined with measured control. Barnbougle Dunes is a course that rewards strategic thinking.

Course videos

The Dunes - 1st Hole: 506m Par 5

The Dunes - 2nd Hole: 381m Par 4

The Dunes - 3rd Hole: 309m Par 4

The Dunes - 4th Hole: 271m Par 4

The Dunes - 5th Hole: 201m Par 3

The Dunes - 6th Hole: 381m Par 4

The Dunes - 7th Hole: 112m Par 3

The Dunes - 8th Hole: 446m Par 4

The Dunes - 9th Hole: 400m Par 4

The Dunes - 10th Hole: 409m Par 4

The Dunes - 11th Hole: 475m Par 5

The Dunes - 12th Hole: 254m Par 4

The Dunes - 13th Hole: 188m Par 3

The Dunes - 14th Hole: 508m Par 5

The Dunes - 15th Hole: 321m Par 4

The Dunes - 16th Hole: 153m Par 3

The Dunes - 17th Hole: 400m Par 4

The Dunes - 18th Hole: 403m Par 4